Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Welcome To "On The Convict Trail"

Welcome to my new blog! Since moving to Tasmania in August 2012, I have been able to indulge my passion for Australian convict & colonial history as well as more modern history. Armed with my trusty Sony DSLR - A390 digital camera, I have begun to travel around Tasmania checking out and photographing some of the more well known historical sites but also having the pleasure of finding for myself, some lesser known places that are off the beaten track but are no less historically important..
This is our history, Australian History!!!

I will be adding things on a regular basis with photographs, notes and weblinks for the sites (if available) so you can check them out for yourself. Photos of the sites and surrounding scenic views, original colonial buildings etc will all be included. I hope you enjoy the photographs. I also hope you enjoy this journey with me and visit the blog on a regular basis to see what wonderful Australian history is on show here in beautiful Tasmania! Please feel free to leave comments (be nice!!!) on the posts.
Cheers Joff


  1. Excellent blog Geoff. You have done a great job in assimilating Tasmanian history in a short time and your research is very thorough. Your photos are really good.and illustrate the topics well.

    Small criticism - many of the photos are described in the text adjacent (and a reference in the text to the photo could help), but some really do need a caption to understand how they are relevant to the text.

    Also, you have obtained several photos from other sources - a true professional would acknowledge the source (so that interested readers could go and explore those sources more thoroughly).

    I have been looking at a couple of facebook pages in the last few days which have some really interesting and unique photos of historic Tasmania, but few desciptions and sources and poorly organised.

    Your blog is much better and well-presented. Keep up the good work.

  2. Hi Mike, Thank you for your kind words. Glad you like the blog. Its a labor of love for me, a hobby that I'm just absorbed with. There's so much history here to search out and find. And half the fun is searching for the information on the sites I've visited. I really do rely on the internet to find as much info as I can. Some places I've been able to find heaps of info and others have been a real struggle to find. Thus i enjoy comments made by people who visit the blog, especially when they pass on further information. I take on board your comments about the photos. Thanks for those comments. I'm always trying to make the blog better and more interesting and your comments will certainly help. Regards.