Wednesday, 31 December 2014

The Rectory, New Norfolk

The Rectory is a large, two and a half storey brick residence which was built for the Rectors of the nearby St Mathews Church. It replaced an earlier building on church land that had been acquired for the administration of the nearby Asylum. It has since housed many Rectors since it's construction in 1892. The house was originally designed by Mr R.F.Flack Rickards who was based in Hobart.

The incumbent Rector at the time of construction, the Rev. W.W.F Murray, who was the Rector for St Mathews from 1854 until 1894, may well have had some say into the specifications, especially if he had the large family that a home of this size would seem to indicate he may have had.

There are five bedrooms upstairs, two sitting rooms, a study and kitchen (with numerous smaller rooms for storage, laundry area etc.) downstairs and last of all, a mezzanine level that contains two small rooms. These were the servant's quarters. Outside the rooms, on the landing well, there was a "Summoning Box" with the numbers of each room in the house marked on it. Perfect for summoning the servants to attend to your every needs. Accommodation for any visiting clergy would have been required too, at the turn of the century.

Additional features include the lead lighting around the front door, the iron lace below the verandah roof, ornate scrollwork over the entrance gable and a truly magnificent garden. Many of the Rectors and their families who have lived in the beautiful house have added greatly to the continuing development of the gardens. The property is well known for its beautiful gardens.

The property is now a private residence and still retains the elegance of its past. A truly magnificent property.

Main Text & Information Source - 
"From Black Snake To Bronte" - Book by Audrey Holiday & John Trigg