Sunday, 25 October 2015

Rock Cottage, Bothwell

Rock Cottage is a single storey Victorian built around 1864 for Henry Wise, a local wheelwright by local stonemason, Thomas Lewis using stone from the local quarry. It features attic rooms with dormer windows.

It became the home of Mr Charles Nichols around 1878. Mr Nichols and his family were also wheelwrights with his carpentry and blacksmithing sheds across the road from his new home. Mr Nichols  appears to have been a man with various business interests as he also conducted an undertakers business from this cottage as well.

Rock Cottage is a very distinctive looking building in the townscape of Bothwell and is very well preserved. It is currently a private residence.

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  1. Henry wise was my great great great grandfather & im fonally coming to bothwell this month to see where he & his family lived

    1. Thats great Daisy. You'll love it. Bothwell is a beautiful town.

    2. I'm interested in the history of cycling. A. Wise appears to have been an early Tasmanian velocipede (early bicycle) builder (e.g. The Mercury, 1869:, ). Does Daisy Lee know anything about this? Was A. Wise related to Henry Wise?

    3. To answer my earlier comment, A. Wise is Henry Wise and he seems to move out of cycling history when he leaves Bothwell and moves to Georges Bay (St Helens) to try his hand at farming and then Hobart, where he goes into building